Sell Cisco .Net – Brief Notes

Do you want to excel your career in the networking sector of IT industry You might have many people asking you to undergo CISCO certification to achieve the same. Most of the professionals face a problem at this juncture. One cannot get a job without certification and perquisite of enrolling in this Cisco course is to have some experience. Should you lose hope on your networking career in IT industry No, there is no problem without the solution. You should follow these tips to strengthen your networking skills to fetch the certification.Sell cisco 

You should work in the small organization and gain some practical knowledge on the networking skills before you enroll in the course to understand the lessons easily. Do remember that fetching the certification from CISCO in Networking Institutes is just not enough to excel in the career of networking, you need to excel your Cisco networking skills from time to time to earn high paying jobs and enjoy good career.

Work for free

As soon as you add CISCO certification in your resume, you will get many offer from the reputed companies in IT industry, but it is important for you to strengthen your CISCO networking skills before you accept the offer. You can volunteer to work on Cisco equipment for free. When you work their products for a while, you will gain confidence to solve any big problem in the company that offered you job.

Use simulators or rent a rack

After you complete your course, you can take some time to attempt the exam. You can rent racks of Cisco equipment. There is an online option for renting these old racks. Work on them to strengthen your skills before attempting the certification exam. A less expensive option to do this is to purchase CISCO IOS simulators that imitate the racks of CISCO routers and switches. You can even build a home lab by buying old rack of routers and practice on them.

Make new friends

Find ways to make friendship with the people who use CISCO routers and switches. This is in fact the best way to improve your skills on using CISCO equipment. They may also help you get placed in a good company if they are impressed with your skills. You can either make use of social networking sites or join local Cisco group.

Share your knowledge

It is said that one cannot become an English expert unless he becomes a good English teacher. You can share and gain knowledge on CISCO equipment by participating in the forums. Though it does not give you any experience, you can gain knowledge and get a good chance of meeting your future employer. Few forums that serves as good knowledge centers include tech republic forums, Petri IT knowledge base forums and happy router forum.