Replacement Front Doors Ireland

To change the look of your home and even increase its value, you don’t have to do a full home remodeling or renovation. Not only does replacing your front door create a focal point, it certainly adds to the perceived value of a home in the real estate market. Can bring multiple benefits to your house, even a premium door doesn’t have to be a great expense. click for more info.

Beyond Curb Appeal

Recently, a Therma-Tru doors national study found that homebuyers believe that apart from embellishing your home, the right entrance door system makes the entire home seem more valuable.

In a homebuyers study, 2,400 customers measured the value of different homes based on the appearance of the exterior. The study found that consumers believed that an enhanced entry home added as much as five times the cost of the installation of the entry system to its perceived value. For moderately priced and upscale homes, these perceptions were the same.

“At a time when homeowners are trying to get the most out of every dollar they spend on their house, setting up an appealing new front entrance is a cost-effective investment that can have a big impact,” said AVI president Peter Morrison, who sells Therma-Tru doors and Marvin Doors in Atlanta, Georgia.

Choosing Front Door Types

Consider replacing your existing door with a new material, style or shape when choosing your new door. Adding french exterior doors or all glass doors with a wooden or metal frame will add light to the interior while offering an elegant expression. In artistic patterns, iron doors can be custom made and include glass, again to enhance daylighting indoors.

Product selection can also make a difference. Wood is the most common product, but there is low maintenance for fiberglass doors because they don’t need to be finished. These are also extremely durable because they are not prone to wood rot and a great choice of protection to keep your home and family safe. Today’s fiberglass doors from companies such as Marvin Integrity and Therma-Tru simulate the appearance of painted or varnished wood so successfully that your guests will never guess that your doors are not made of wood.