Teen Fiction Books – A Guideline

This is one question everyone wants to ask on Amazon, which is the best sci-fi book ever. This is not really as straightforward as a film where the award would be announced every time by Citizen Kane. Books are different; no two ways going about it. Everyone one has their preferences and everyone has their choices, and just because you related to a post or article on Google, doesn’t make that book an all time best sci-fi book, it only makes it a #1 book in the list of a select few who agree with such articles and blogs. I’ve seen a lot of web blogs and articles discussing top 10 or top 5 all-time sci-fi books, but remember, they’re just individual choices, not a vote all around. That’s why the novels I’m going to list aren’t necessarily the best, but they’re my personal choice. check over here

My first sci-fi novel has to be Space Odyssey in 2001: this is by far the essence of human soul and existence; a path to our past, a way of knowing each other a little better. The story of the 2001 space odyssey is about the discovery of a black metal monolith on the moon, planted there by an intelligent entity about three million years ago. But that’s not the beginning either, in the early period when apes ruled the world, the first Monolith was first planted. Their DNA began to change one morning when they discovered the monolith; not by touching or praying, but by being in their presence. These monoliths were planted for humans by the advanced civilization as a way to advance during a certain period when man moved from one stage of existence to another. I do not want to explain the entire story, but my personal fascination with human origins led me to make this my number one sci-fi book, which only leads me to my number two book.

KYIRUX: Pascal’s Message: If Dr. J is in 2001, then Kyirux must be his time’s MJ. The torch has been passed from one great novel to the other. Kyirux is following a similar path to space odyssey in 2001, but it has taken the information of an advanced civilization to a whole new level that is far closer to us than we think. The premise of the novel revolves around a 500 hundred million year old computer which is discovered by Jack Crawford, perhaps one of my favourite characters and hero in a sci-fi novel. Jack is a very familiar face, because he is us, with the same questions, concern and attitude towards the real world. This computer not only tells us about the true origins of human, but it takes into the far beyond the reaches of the universe, and tells us what is physical matter which exists in the domain of darkness; but, what is darkness? Sure, this novel and its other parts will drive you to insanity, because the author is far more capable of thinking like an outsider than a regular reader.